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Written by

Eunice Chan


December 8, 2020

About NDN Group


Digital transformation is complicated; it’s not easy to implement. It’s easy to build an eCommerce website, it’s easy to build a mobile app, and it’s easy to build a CRM loyalty program, but it’s definitely not easy to scale and grow 400% when you and your team are stuck in a traditional way of working, trying to figure out how businesses should operate in this digital era.


At NDN, we help traditional businesses go fully digital. We break down digital transformation into a very transparent process so that our clients can implement a holistic digital solution into their business units and teams. 


We offer 7 unique digital solutions and services, delivering a step-by-step procedure to integrate them. Some businesses require all solutions, while some might only need one or two – it all depends on each case. We start all projects with an assessment, and we help businesses to identify their needs and requirements first before jumping into streamlining their operation, scaling and growing their toplines and implementing automation. 


Our digital solutions and services include the following: 


  1.   Beyond UX – We dive deep into the business’ operations by learning and understanding the stakeholders and the nature of the business first. Then, we expand into their Customer Experience and User Experience. 


  1.   Beyond Platforms – Not only do we design and develop your platforms including eCommerce, Mobile App, Website and Marketplace, but our team also offers the best in class sales funnels & automation. 


  1.   Beyond Payment – We support and integrate all kinds of payment gateways, and at the same time, are experts in deploying massive CRM Loyalty & Redemption Point Systems.


  1.   Beyond Integration – We integrate with 3rd party APIs including Financial, Operational, Production, Cybersecurity & Cloud Hosting.


  1.   Beyond Digital Marketing – It’s not about the channels and distribution, but the content strategies, the digital assets and also the conversions that are flowing into your business. 


  1.   Beyond Data – Every management decision should be made with the numbers in mind. We make use of data to track end to end performances, ensuring all business metrics are being measured. 


  1.   Beyond Transformation – It’s not about the technology; it’s all about the mindset. Our Academy has trained over 5,550 executives and 40 multi-national firms, supporting teams and equipping them with innovation and entrepreneurial mindsets. 


To learn more about NDN Group, contact us today and speak to one of our experts to see how they can help you to scale and transform your business and grow exponentially.

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